JSC ,,Hidrum’’ specializes for various water management jobs :


The multipurpose dredger can complete most jobs at the worksite on its own. It excavates pumps and drives piles.


Watermaster can do backhoe dredging with a backhoe bucket or with a rake. It can remove floating or rooted vegetation, harmful stones and trash from the bottom. With the backhoe equipment it can build discharge areas for suction dredging, when they are located near the shore. Often the bottom needs to be cleaned by backhoe work before the pumping.


By suction dredging Watermaster can pump the soil through a pipeline to a discharge area, which can be located up to one and a half kilometres away. In this process the soil is mixed with large amounts of water, 80-90 % of the total volume. In the discharge area the solid substances are separated from the water. That is why suction dredging requires careful planning of the complete process, starting from the actual pumping work at the site to the separation of solids and removal of clean water after the separation process.

Watermaster saves the nature. By using its multipurpose technology it is possible to complete all the jobs at the site with one machine.


The machine arrives as a complete unit at the site on a truck or cruises there by itself on water. The technologies which use several "one-purpose" machines need costly preparation work, like loading and unloading assistance and mounting and dismounting.


The environmental Watermaster Classic offers economical high quality solutions for restoration work in various water environments.


Watermaster production plant has the internationally recognized ISO 9001 Quality certificate and ISO 14001 Environmental certificate from Lloyd's Register.